PRISM, Arizona State University

August 2004 - December 2006

3D Face Authentication and Recognition System   Small arrow  Visit the Website
3D digital face scanning is now being investigated for biometric analysis and authentication at PRISM (Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling). This project focuses on the development of intelligent and fast algorithms for representation, extraction, segmentation, querying and matching of 3D facial shapes for authentication and recognition. A main component of the project involves capturing, treating, and archiving of 3D faces with a goal to maintain a digital library of over 1,500 faces.
  • Designed a database framework to store 3D profile data using object-relational concepts in Oracle 10g.
  • Developed a batch processing VC++ program using Pro*C/C++ to insert 3D-profile information in the relational tables as well as XML data files.
  • Analyzed performance issues related to nested tables, storing XML data in relational tables and access mechanisms.
  • Developed fully functional website for displaying our research activities and it was recognized as "Nugget" by National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Maintained the Oracle database server and the website.
  • Organized tents and booths in various events such as Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2005, Homecoming Events, and many others.

Cumulus Photogrammetric, In-Situ and Doppler Observations (CuPIDO)
The purpose of this study is to examine the transition from shallow to deep convection and the accompanying modification of the thermodynamic profile, with hopes of establishing a long term, systematic characterization of convective development under a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Developed a graph plotting software (using VC++) for representing sounding data along with other geothermal parameters.
  • Developed programs for volumetric visualization of cloud data using Interactive Data Language (IDL) software on Mac OS X.