Canon Powershot G9Seema and I always liked taking pictures, lots of pictures. Since our marriage, Seema have been clicking hundres of images!!! Its practically impossible to show every picture we have shot up till now. But you can visit my gallery to see some of the pictures taken by us.

Untill recently, we have a nice 35 mm film camera. I love taking picture on film, you still get very good quality on films instead of digital ones. But it is turning out to be very expensive to buy films, take pictures, develop the film, print the pictures and finally, the ones that you really love, scan them to a digital copy.

Thus, after a lot of survey and homework, we decided to buy Canon Powershot G9 digital camera. It is neither a basic point&shot camera nor a high-end DSLR camera, but a fairly decent one with nice set of features. Below, is the screenshot of the camera that we got. We will continue to post some of the images that we like. So please keep visiting the website for more recent updates.