Mitchell Memorial Library at MSU

September 2001 - August 2003

Conversion of Legacy Genealogy Index into XML database   Small arrow  Visit the Website
This software is the conversion of Genealogy Index from WordPerfect Documents to XML database that can be imported into Dublin Core or RDF compatible Digital Library Database or Catalog. The web based Search Engine allows researchers to retrieve records according to their search criteria.
  • Created VB routines (along with RegEXP object, shell object and Tidy application) to convert HTML files in specific format into XML files.
  • Designed Web-based (ASP Scripts, MSXML 4.0) interface to maintain genealogical records.
  • Developed web-based search engine (ASP Scripts, MSXML 4.0, Microsoft Indexing Service) to search XML files.
  • The web site was presented and appreciated by genealogists at the Regional Genealogy Fair on June 14, 2003.

Web-based Time and Task Management Application (TimeClock)   Small arrow  Visit the Website
This application maintains time sheets for students working at Mississippi State University Libraries.
  • Analyzed and enhanced the efficiency of the existing database in MSSQL by normalizing tables.
  • Enhanced the software according to the new working rules of the library. Added module (ASP Scripts and supporting SQL tables).
    • To allow supervisors to assign and maintain task for the student workers.
    • For students to enter and maintain their class schedule for each semester.
  • Designed (Web pages flow and database tables) and developed (ASP scripts) report generation feature for supervisors.
    • Based on students, like how much money was spent per department per student.
    • Based on tasks, web-based project plan tracking.
    • Providing project status reports to external/internal funding agencies.

Web-based "MSUAuthors" Application   Small arrow  Visit the Website
This software is developed for maintaining information about the authors of the university and their books.
  • Designed and implemented Database in MSSQL.
  • Created web-based (ASP Scripts, LDAP server) interface to maintain the author's personal information and published books information.
  • Developed automated email messaging (CDO objects) to report status of the information.
  • Designed automated web-page creation and storage in different directories based on the id.