I3DEA, Arizona State University

Jaunary 2007 - August 2007

Database Administration for ATIC and I3DEA websites   Small arrow  Visit the Website
ATIC (Advanced Technology Innovation Center) aims to develop highly effective and efficient solutions by using the most skilled contemporary science and technology talent to foster collaborations. ATIC encompasses different research labs at the polytechnic campus of Arizona State University and also handles various research and development projects in collaboration with industry. The main objective as database administrator was to maintain all the information effectively for the ATIC website and internal usage.
  • Designed a database framework to store information related to ATIC such as faculty, staff and students profiles, project profiles, publications details using MySQL.
  • Developed web-based user-authenticated application for maintaining the database information using ASP.NET 2.0 with VB.NET as the base programming language and MySQL Connector/Net as the driver set to access MySQL.
  • Analyzed performance issues related to nested tables, storing XML data in relational tables and access mechanisms.
  • Maintained a regular automatic backup of the database for recovery purposes.